Message from our CEO

‘Inspiring ways of living’ is Etex’s promise to people around the globe. Etex offers comprehensive solutions for both big buildings and small houses, for modern apartments and historic buildings, for small city compounds and countryside shelters. With ‘Inspiring ways of living’, our company transcends cultural and historical differences — crossing borders and continents — to offer people one of the basic necessities in life, shelter, and beyond.

We want to inspire builders, architects, building companies, as well as distributors and specifiers. Our standards are very high, as our high-quality products have to last for decades. We continuously improve our production processes to further enhance quality, using fewer raw materials and consuming less energy along the way.

We continuously drive innovation to generate new products and solutions, while offering the best value for money. In construction — a tightly regulated market — we make a commitment to improve existing materials, study best practices and apply ideas from one continent to the other. The result we aim to reach? Affordable and sustainable building solutions for people all over the world.

Our promise ‘inspiring ways of living’ also impacts the way our group does business and how we organise our activities. Our employees’ well-being is our number one priority. We take great pains to create a healthy and safe working environment. We also adopt a culture of high performance, striving for the best in everything we do. What is more, by supporting numerous projects around the globe, we aim to give a home to those who cannot afford any shelter.

To invest in quality, innovation and safety, we can rely on a strong financial backbone. Moreover, we can look back on more than 100 years of experience : a long history of stable growth in our diversified activities, within a wide geographic reach. In short, we are a solid group with a long and colourful history and a promising future!

Paul Van Oyen