The need for affordable housing remains high, while energy efficiency and ease-of-use are becoming decisive factors as well. Etex meets those requirements with a unique product combination.

Our cladding boards

When building or renovating, our external cladding boards in fibre cement prove to be a great combination of aesthetics and technology. For the façades of houses or large buildings such as offices, schools or hospitals, Etex provides a wide range of solutions, each with specific technical properties. Available in a range of colours, these materials are light, strong and easy to work with.

Worldwide, our cladding boards hold a leading position, mainly thanks to continuous innovations over the years. Builders and architects have been relying on our well-known brands, such as Equitone, Superboard, Tonality or Cedral to create stunning structures.

Our building boards

Our gypsum boards are a light and durable alternative for ceilings, partition walls and finishing walls. For those same applications, our fibre cement boards are also popular notably when structural or humidity performances are needed. For both gypsum and fibre cement boards, their flexibility and decorative properties give full creative freedom for finishing. Builders and architects can choose from prominent brands such as Siniat, Superboard, Hydropanel, Gyplac and Durlock.

Total solutions for dry construction

Our dry construction systems combine interior building boards and exterior cladding boards on timber or steel frames. They provide great acoustic, fire, structural and thermal performances. Compared to conventional designs in bricks and blocks, they enable faster building and are easier to renovate and to dismantle. They are also recyclable or recoverable at the end of the life cycle. With this unique product combination of gypsum and fibre cement, Etex plays a major role in the dry construction market.