With our unique range that includes the market reference for passive fire protection solutions, innovative plasterboard products and systems, and market leading cement boards, we seek to become an expert in dry or lightweight construction through technical expertise.

Brands and products

Etex is a manufacturer of innovative products, systems and solutions that meet the performance demands of building occupants and users worldwide. Our range meets the needs of customers for acoustic, thermal, mechanical and fire performance and can be found installed in internal and external applications across all sectors of construction. Our global and regional brands include Durlock, Gyplac, Kalsi, Promat and Siniat.


Strong historic positions in the market combined with a passion for innovation enable us to become the customers preferred choice for dry construction, a fast and cost-effective building technique that incorporates interior building boards and exterior cladding on timber or steel frames. The continued growth of these solutions combined with a focus on customer needs is enabling us to develop today the solutions for the buildings of tomorrow.


Etex operates globally with both manufacturing, innovation and test centres around the world. We are one of the three leading plasterboard manufacturers, a leading manufacturer of fibre cement boards and a worldwide reference for passive fire protection solutions. We supply a range of new build and renovation projects that range from (multi-)residential to commercial and industrial sectors such as sports, education and healthcare.

Main trends

The market of our Etex Building Performance solutions is characterised by an increased demand for modular and prefabricated building techniques around the world. Linked to this trend is a growing need for high-quality, sustainable products that save energy, are recyclable and reduce costs. Digital technology is also being used more often as a building and modelling tool. Etex has a vast range of products to take advantage of these trends.