Roofing has been one of Etex’s core businesses for a century. As such, we don’t just know the roofing industry – we helped shape it ourselves. The diverse systems we develop are suitable for many applications.


Brands and products

From slates, tiles to corrugated sheets and roofing components, Etex has the market experience to craft a portfolio tailored to today’s needs. Our strong brands – such as Eternit, Marley or Creaton – stand for the excellence and uniqueness of the systems we offer to our customers' needs.


Etex aims to pioneer technologies for the future of the building industry. Our comprehensive roofing systems demonstrate the extent of our expertise, paving the way for global leadership in terms of end-to-end residential and agricultural roofing.


Etex is a leader in residential pitched roofs in Europe, Latin America and Africa, and a global reference in agricultural roofing. Non-European markets in particular are regions with significant potential in both segments.

Main trends

Some of the major markets we are in are characterised by very slow and long term adverse structural trends, such as the long-term preference for flat roofs versus pitched roofs in Western Europe. These are seen as material opportunities to further consolidate our leadership based in operational excellence and system innovation. As the need for efficient construction methods is growing by leaps and bounds, roofing technologies are becoming increasingly important in all segments. Customers expect their roofs to perform in novel ways by generating energy, collecting water, insulating spaces and supplying light, for example.