In the fast-growing business of passive fire protection and high-performance insulation, our brand Promat has become a leading reference for its repeated technological breakthroughs and innovative new materials.

Passive fire protection

In many non-residential buildings like public and multi-storey buildings, Promat’s solutions are designed to offer the highest degree of protection. Systems such as fire protective boards, sprays or intumescent products prevent the spread of flames. These safeguard the building’s critical structures such as ceilings and partitioning walls, air and cable ducts, structural elements in steel and concrete or elevator shafts against high temperatures.

Promat supplies various applications to the oil, gas and shipbuilding industries. And for tunnelling projects, Promat’s solutions for the lining of tunnel walls meet the highest requirements in fire resistance.

High-performance insulation

Our thermal insulation systems can be found on industrial niche applications involving extremely high temperatures, such as fuel cells, solar energy systems, heat treatments, chimneys and storage heaters. With Promat’s materials, heat losses and heat transfer can be controlled which, in turn, protects people and materials. Our brand Microtherm specialises in high-performance insulation solutions tailored those small spaces.