It is the roofing business that launched the group over 100 years ago. Today, small and large elements in fibre cement, clay, and concrete are used around the globe in a variety of projects, whether residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial.

Over the past century, Etex has developed and diversified its range of roofing materials. This has resulted in market leadership and recognition for the materials’ durability, technical benefits and aesthetic value.

Small roofing elements

Our companies manufacture and distribute fibre cement slates, concrete roof tiles and clay roof tiles in different colours, sizes and shapes. Etex is one of Europe’s leading providers of small roofing elements and has the widest range of them all.

Large roofing elements

In Europe, our fibre cement corrugated sheets are primarily used in the agricultural sector. In several Latin America, Africa and Asia markets, our sheets are widely used in the residential building sector. And in many emerging markets, we are currently pursuing market growth through targeted investments.