A proven history, a promising future

Solid base

  • Worldwide presence and diversified activities. Through more than 100 companies in 42 countries, Etex manufactures and markets a diverse portfolio in four selected business segments.
  • Strong local brands. Our brands are renowned in their local markets, thanks to their strong focus on local demand and needs.
  • Leadership in selected markets. We solely focus on four distinct business segments. This approach enables us to take the lead in the regions in which we are active.

Proven track record

  • Steady growth for more than 100 years. Etex has experienced stable growth for over a century. Expansion has been two-pronged: both geographically and through our product portfolio.
  • Capable of successfully integrating businesses. Over the years, we gained a lot of experience in the integration of new companies. This played a major part in our product diversification.
  • Continuous support of shareholders. As a privately owned company, our family shareholders put their trust in Etex and in its management. This enables us to take long-term decisions and work in-depth.

Promising future prospects

  • Strategic response to market trends. As new market challenges are emerging, Etex responds with a future-oriented, solid four-pillar strategy.
  • Investments to generate future cash flow. In both developed and emerging markets, today’s targeted investments are the basis of tomorrow’s growth.
  • From a holding to a group. Although decentralised, Etex is gradually becoming a family of companies. We work together, learn from each other and share common approaches. At the head of our family is a global management with a strategy that benefits all the members.