At Etex, we strongly believe that our people play a major role in our success. That is why we pursue a culture of high performance for all our employees.

How to stimulate individual initiative, create great internal mobility and nurture long careers on a global scale? The answer is a corporate HR methodology, based on a culture of high performance. This approach is rooted in three commitments.

Entrepreneurship and collaborative spirit

With competences spread across the globe, local entrepreneurship is paramount to our success. From top management to factory workers, every Etex employee can take initiatives, explore new opportunities and reinvent his/her job. But it is the collaborative spirit that beats the odds. In our decentralised structure, we aim to share what is learned in one company with colleagues in our other companies.

Integrated talent management

Attracting motivated and competent people as well as retaining and developing them further are the key ingredients of our integrated talent management. Many local programmes exist as well as corporate initiatives. Our partnership with Vlerick Business School is just one example: a management programme to train young managers and strengthen their network within Etex. For each of our five divisions, our HR Business Partners manage the talent within our divisions, support our company’s HR teams and bridge with our group level to keep track of all talents.

Varied careers and great opportunities

Our employees receive many opportunities to hone their skills, climb up the ladder or shift from one division or business segment to another. Hands-on training courses help them expand their skills or expertise. On top of that, attractive conditions and training courses are bound to give everybody the chance to build flourishing careers. This is proven by our low voluntary turnover and low absenteeism rate.