Cristian Montes


Former Head of New Ways Division
Year started
Etex Brussels

In less than a year, our most recent Etex division of New Ways has already been able to execute its first projects. This was only possible because of a partnership spirit, collaborating and seeking knowledge outside of our boundaries. This collaborative spirit is crucial to complete difficult tasks.

We are working with local partners who share our Etex values and the vision of a future-proof and digital construction industry. Our local investor partners are giving us, amongst other things, the connections we need within the industry. The collaboration with other divisions and local teams helps us to find the most effective solutions to achieve customer requirements. Our partnership spirit allows us to learn fast.

To quote Peter Senge, a famous American scientist of MIT: “In the long run, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organisation's ability to learn faster than the competition”. With New Ways, Etex is learning fast so that we can lead the offsite construction industry.