Caring makes it work

Our CEO engaged in a dialogue with six stakeholders to summarise the key topics of 2020 for Etex.


Six teammates on 2020 highlights

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We care about people

Connect & Care is one of Etex’s core values. Our strength lies in our people. Dedicated and motivated teammates working together are the essential driver of a sustainable future.

In 2020, to keep connected with our more than 11,000 employees despite the unprecedented circumstances, we organised an employee engagement survey. More than 80% of all teammates participated, and Etex recorded an increase in employee engagement compared to 2018. Our teammates felt more engaged, a sentiment that was further reinforced by Etex’s response to the pandemic.

Anna Zhuromska
Regional HR Manager CEE at Etex Ukraine

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We care about safety

Keeping our people safe is our number one priority. We have implemented rigorous safety procedures on all our sites to prevent and avoid accidents. Our ambition is to ensure that every Etex colleague comes back home safe and sound every day.

For Etex, 2020 was the best year ever in terms of safety performance. Our employees expressed great satisfaction over the safety rules, including those regarding COVID. A clear priority given to safety and people allowed us to restart our operations with much confidence from our people.

Yves Van den Kerkhof
Global EHS Manager

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We care about performance

As an organisation, Etex strives to pave the way toward a sustainable future. Good results are an important part of this future. In addition to focussing on people, safety and strategy, we also prioritise performance and profitability.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic which challenged our top-line, Etex reports outstanding financial results. Our REBITDA is slightly up year-on-year, we recorded our best year ever in terms of cash generation, and we reached the lowest net financial debt level in our history!

Mel de Vogue 
Chief Financial Officer

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We care about strategy

Our purpose is guiding our strategy. We want to inspire people around the world to build living spaces that are ever more safe, sustainable, smart and beautiful.

Therefore, in 2020, we made significant progress on our six strategic pillars by strengthening our core businesses and concluding our exit from the clay and concrete roof tiles business. We are steering a course for the future as we imagine it.

Carla Sinanian 
Chief Strategy Officer

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We care about lightweight construction

At Etex, we have the ambition to be a key player in the transformation of the construction industry. Through passion, innovation and adherence to the highest standards, we want to provide our partners and customers with the very best.

In 2020, we launched New Ways. With this new division specialised in lightweight and modular building technologies, we realise our ambition to bring beautiful, affordable and high-quality housing to people around the world by offering building solutions rather than standalone products.

Eduardo Martinez
Business Development Manager for Latin America

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We care about the world

As a company with a global role and a long-term vision, we care about our teammates, our customers and the planet. In 2020, we created the Green Team, a group of 30 internal experts
and motivated employees who focussed on sustainability.

Thanks to their efforts in collecting and reviewing our global environmental data to ensure that it is aligned with Global Reporting Initiative standards, Etex now has group-wide CSR reporting capabilities.

Eva Angeli 
Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist 

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