Why becoming a supplier

To inspire way of living we purchase approx 1.7 billion EUR of material and services per year. We want to build strong, sustainable, corroborative relationships with our suppliers.

On this page you will find information and details on how we can create further develop and empower our relationship.

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Electronic communication and e-Invoicing

Overview electronic communication



Standard account

Once registered, we will activate you on the program. The next purchase order that you will receive will be sent to the Email address provided to us. You can see and download your purchase order, create an order confirmation and invoice. Documents will be directly processed and integrated in our internal systems. This service is free of charge for you.

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Integrated account
If you require more integration with your internal systems, SAP Ariba can provides a direct connection between you, our ERP system and Ariba Network through an electronic interface (cXML, EDI, CSV) in order to exchange Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations and Invoices through a fully automated process. 
The cost of an integrated account is based on the transaction volume


Invoices with incorrect or missing information will be rejected and sent back to the vendor.
All the invoices should be sent electronically via the SAP Ariba portal.
If your country is not eligible or if you have not registered yet, please send PDF to the
e-mail address related to the company you are invoicing.


Our vision
  • Digital process from purchase requisition to invoice
  • Online great user experience via catalog access to our internal users
  • Electric, real-time communication between buyers and vendors without touch system
  • Digital maturity of our supplier base is critical and key in our strategy
  • Paperless exchange due to environmental-friendly reasons
Benefits for our suppliers
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Improve PO and invoice accuracy levels
  • Speed up process
  • Connect easily to new customers
  • Visibility about payments in terms of timing and purchased items
  • Make your products visible witin the Etex organisation (Catalogues)



Etex requirements

On top on the legal requirement, invoices should have either

• The related purchase order number 10 digits starting with 4 (4XXXXXXXXX)

• The related cost center (10 digits) with the name of the requester.



All countries are eligible for Purchase order and order confirmation
For electronic invoicing, the following countries are enabled:

• Belgium

• Luxembourg

• France

• Netherlands

• Germany

• United Kingdom