Building a sustainable future

Etex has a clear commitment to help build a better, sustainable future. We work towards this vision by caring about our social and environmental impacts and working on innovative solutions for the building industry. When translating our sustainability ambitions into impactful initiatives, an inclusive exercise with a wide range of stakeholders allowed us to identify the five themes below. 



Our five sustainability themes

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Our purpose is to inspire ways of living, and we are building our future on product and service solutions that support the transition towards a sustainable society and economy.

Bernard Delvaux, Chief Executive Officer
Jörg Ertle, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability Report 2020

As part of our CSR strategy issued in 2020 we commit ourselves to the highest standard of transparency and accountability for the benefit of our stakeholders. Etex's very first Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the international GRI Standards: Core option.

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Building on a strong foundation for sustainability

To demonstrate our alignment with global ambitions that aim to shape a sustainable future, in 2020, Etex became a signatory of the United Nations’ Global Compact (UNGC) for sustainable and responsible business practices. The company also committed to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Following an internal assessment, we selected 10 SDGs, in order of priority, as the ones which are most relevant for Etex.

Our people and culture

We actively nurture an engaged workforce based on actively lived values that form the DNA of our business. Our values guide our behaviours not only towards driving growth, achieving excellence and boosting personal development, but also raising the standards of social responsibility and sustainability.

Hexagon_People and culture_x2.png 


Image hexagon- Me and Etex (Delphine vragen).png

A constant dialogue with our teammates

More than 80% participation rate to our 'Me & Etex' employee engagement survey


Etex Awards

Close to 1,300 awards given in 2020 to acknowledge outstanding performance

Image hexagon- Learning and development(2).png

Learning and development

± 5,000 teammates active on our global digital learning platform in 2020

Health, safety and well-being

Occupational health and safety has a crucial impact on workers’ lives, and is therefore at the forefront of our social responsibility efforts. Ensuring safety in our daily life is a task that never stops. Hence, zero accidents and occupational illnesses are our only acceptable ambitions.

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Frequency rate 2022.png

Frequency rate of lost-time accidents

Number of lost-time accidents per
one million hours worked

100% of factory teammates trained on and participate in the risk assessment of their workplace.



As the company is active within the construction industry, Etex’s business depends on the use of raw materials, energy, water and other ecosystem resources. With this observation comes a responsibility which we fully acknowledge and seek to act up.



graph---green-electricty-produced-and-purchased-sr---p.-35 copy@2x.png

GHG emission intensity -
scope 1+2

(metric tonnes of CO₂e/t)


% Green electricity produced and purchased

vs Total electricity consumption


Water withdrawal intensity


Thinking circular

In our ambition to support circularity, we are inspired by cradle to cradle (C2C) principles. Circularity has clear benefits in that it counters resource depletion while offering cost efficiencies and securing the long-term supply of resources and materials.



circular economy.png


Weight of non-hazardous waste
landfilled out of total waste treated


Community Relations

Being global and acting local is part of our identity. For our community involvement, our decentralised approach helps us to foster meaningful relationships with our local communities. Our teammates and the communities in which they live and where they operate are key.

Hexagon_Community relations_x2.png

Managing our asbestos past

Managing our asbestos past

Asbestos is part of our past and we continue to manage our history with the material carefully. We have implemented a group-wide policy to enforce this commitment:

  1. Compensate victims
    At Etex, we must ensure that those who become seriously ill due to the use of asbestos in their factories receive fair financial compensation.
  2. Prevent exposure
    While finishing site upgrades, we constantly monitor the presence of airborne fibres and meticulously manage the safety of all buildings and landfills.
  3. Support research
    We support medical and scientific research into asbestos-related diseases.

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