Annual report - Building performance

Our five divisions are our connection to the market. Each of them aims at leadership within carefully selected business segments.


Building Performance
Led by Neil Ash since January 2020, Building Performance is Etex’s largest division. France, Germany and the UK are its largest markets, and it continues to pioneer dry construction in Latin America. We asked Neil to share his insights on the division’s performance in 2019 and his vision of the future.
“Strong performance.
Ambitious investments.”
What key words would you use to describe 2019 for the division?
Performance and profitable growth, definitely. Most of our global regions grew and significantly boosted their margins. Building on our 2018 investments in business transformation, we succeeded this year in enhancing our commercial execution. We have closed 2019 with excellent results versus last year, mainly driven by smart pricing initiatives and a strong market overall. 2019 was definitely a great year for us.





Early November 2019, Etex announced the largest investment in its history. Can you elaborate?
This is indeed the most important strategic decision we’ve taken last year. We will be constructing a completely new facility at the Royal Portbury dock, in the port of Bristol (UK) – well connected and next to our existing plant there. This GBP 140 million capital expenditure is proof of our belief in the long-term strength of the UK construction market– Europe’s largest plasterboard market. Through this investment, we will not only provide our customers with even better service and reliability of supply. We will also capitalise on a growing plasterboard market as clients recognise the productivity benefits that lightweight construction offers. Investing in the added capacity also strengthens our ability to develop superior building material systems for our customers, helping to create high performing buildings to meet the needs of the people who use them (read more on p.33).
You are the new Head of the division since early this year. What will be your strategic priorities for 2020 and beyond?
Sustainable growth, within the framework of the Etex strategic initiatives, continues to shape all of the division’s activities. Building on last year’s success, we will continue to focus on customer engagement, innovation in lightweight construction and collaboration across boundaries. The attraction, retention and development of top talent and promising young leaders is also one of our top long-term priorities, and employee engagement is crucial for us to achieve our ambitions.

Ultimately, we aim to be the leader in high-quality, sustainable lightweight building solutions in all of our core markets by being a top-level player with a customer-centric approach.
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