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Our five divisions are our connection to the market. Each of them aims at leadership within carefully selected business segments.


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New ways

Launched at the beginning of 2020, New Ways is the fifth division of Etex. It embodies our ambition to be a key player in the transformation of the construction industry. We believe that the emerging market for offsite lightweight and modular building solutions can fulfil many global needs. Specialised in these technologies, New Ways will bring high-quality, beautiful and affordable living spaces to people around the world. We invited the Head of New Ways, Cristian Montes, to tell us more about the mindset, mission and objectives of the division.

“Our mandate is to build this new business with a pioneering mindset, as it is something different, challenging and new.”
What is the vision of New Ways?
New Ways activates our ambition to bring beautiful, affordable and high-quality housing to people by offering building SOLUTIONS rather than standalone products. Our success hinges on our ability to support and empower our customers and to be a bold, technically skilled player in our industry.




Do you feel that this unique beginning – through targeted joint ventures – has positive impacts on the way the divisionoperates?
Definitely. New Ways is like a start-up within Etex. Our mandate is to build this new business with a pioneering mindset, as it is something different, challenging and new. It’s great motivation for all of us – and our flexible mindset will positively impact our company, partners and the people we help.
What achievements and milestones do you see in the future of the division?
In 2020 and 2021, we will expand our presence in the Americas and Europe. We plan to partner with or acquire at least one factory for the steel framing technology. As for wood framing, we will continue to develop our partnership with Arauco in each of our countries of operation.
In the midterm, I see plenty of opportunity for growth. While we are currently focusing on large-scale housing in Latin America, the same demand for modular exists in markets around the world. As an established global company, Etex offers robust links to these markets. We have already gathered a significant knowledge of regulations and construction systems. The next step is to strengthen the connections between our many locations and companies to create a pool of modular and lightweight construction expertise that is unique in the world.




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