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Discover our aesthetically attractive and high-performing fibre cement exterior solutions for the residential, architectural and agricultural sectors.


Agricultural sheeting

Eternit are the Agricultural building experts, we specialise in corrugated sheet large roof systems for Livestock, machinery and storage buildings, with over 100 years of experience, we’ve got you covered.

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Architectural ventilated facades

Ventilated facades from EQUITONE are an intelligent solution for more energy-efficient, more comfortable buildings. They provide protection against cold, wind, rain and sun.

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External sheathing boards

External sheathing boards from Siniat offer superior weather protection and provide a fast solution for achieving a weather-tight building.

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External thermal insulation

URSA’s range includes two high-quality insulation materials, mineral glass wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS), ensuring unmatched insulation performance.

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Fibre cement slates

Cedral offers you a range of fibre cement slates which can be used both on facades and roofs. Cedral slates are strong, uniform in size and are tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions.

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Fibre cement sidings

Cedral fibre cement sidings combines the best of science and nature. It is a durable material allowing for strong and high-performance cladding that adds value to your home. Cedral Sidings offer you design flexibility, low maintenance, rot resistance and easy installation.

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Fibre cement terraces

Specially made for outdoor use, Cedral Terrace planks offer a durable material with an incomparable soft touch. Using the best of our fibre cement know-how and inspired by science and nature, Cedral Terrace is aesthetic, safe and offers design flexibility.

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ThruWall Building Solutions

ThruWall offers a robust efficient full-wall solution for enhanced thermal and acoustic properties in diverse building projects.

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Water tanks

Our water tanks offer top quality due to 100% virgin materials (not previously used or processed), stringent production standards, and rigorous quality tests.

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