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Enhance building energy efficiency and comfort with our superior thermal and acoustic insulation solutions, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.


Glass mineral wool

Mineral wool products from URSA European-wide and URSA and Superglass in the UK provide non-combustible, thermal and acoustic comfort in the construction industry. They keep warmth in or out, while providing noise reduction and fire protection.

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URSA's XPS solutions offer excellent thermal insulation, high compressive strength, and low water absorption, making it ideal for perimeter insulation, industrial floors, and inverted roofs. Efficient and easy to install.

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White blowing wool

URSA’s and Superglass’ blow-in insulation merges mineral wool's quality with swift, flexible installation. It's lightweight, safe, durable, non-flammable, offers excellent acoustic insulation, resists moisture, repels water, and saves time.

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URSA ventilation ducts offer a new solution to maximise the efficiency of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems and increase comfort in buildings. Ventilation and insulation combined in a single step.

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High-performance/vacuum-packed panels

Promat vacuum packed panels offer exceptional thermal conductivity and excel in transporting heat-sensitive products under extreme conditions, outperforming other thermal insulating materials, even with thermal bridges.

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External thermal insulation

Enhance energy efficiency by applying URSA panels on the façade, covered with protective layers using specially formulated mortars, resulting in improved insulation and aesthetics for your building.

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