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Sustainability in the UK

A better, more sustainable future

A better, more sustainable future

A better, more sustainable future

Our Building Performance division has a clear commitment to helping build a better, sustainable future. We work towards this vision by caring about our social and environmental impacts and developing innovative solutions for the building and construction industry.

The building material industry depends on raw materials, energy and other ecosystem services which has a significant environmental footprint, so here at Etex we have a groupwide programme to reduce our footprint and use innovation, for more eco-friendly operations and product solutions.

Etex is already taking responsibility to address global challenges, including climate change, resource scarcity, housing shortages, rapid urbanisation, and technological disruption. In 2020 Etex signed the United Nations Global Compact and prioritised 10 Sustainable Development Goals most relevant to our business. These efforts have been recognised, with Etex achieving in 2021 a Silver Award from EcoVadis, ranking the company among the top 25% of companies for sustainability management as a supplier.

Working collaboratively to support a more sustainable future

Etex are now a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability
School (SCSS) – an organisation that brings together clients, contractors, and suppliers with the shared goal of creating a more sustainable future for the built environment.

We looked at what sustainability requirements for materials look like now and in the future, and what clients and contractors are looking for from the supply chain in the comping years; both for better understanding and reporting and long-term change.

Our Sustainability Scorecard

Sustainability is a key issue in the construction value chain and central in the management of our business. In our most recent Scorecard we outline progress with reducing the environmental impact of our activities during 2022.

This forms a solid basis on which to build the growing sustainability ambitions of the business and Etex Group throughout the 2020’s. We include a feature on our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Bristol. This will be central to delivery of further improvements into the UK construction sector over the years ahead.

Download our 2022 Scorecard


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Key reporting figures


Carbon emissions fell by just under 4% compared to 2021. (combined Scope 1 & Scope 2, absolute basis).


All Etex UK facilities operated on 100% renewable electricity for the whole year.


Post-consumer gypsum recycled content in UK manufactured plasterboards of 24.7% (compared to sector average of 9.6%).




Zero waste to landfill achieved in our plants.


Haulage fleet improvements led to a 15% reduction in carbon emissions per tonne of product delivered.


10% increase in EHS training in our operations.

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