Health & Well-being

We take our responsibility for the health and well-being of our employees seriously.

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At Etex, we understand that being and feeling in tip-top shape is vital for the well-being of everyone. That is why we attach such importance to 'connect & care' and set up initiatives to boost the mental and physical health of teammates.
We have collected some stories from teammates about this theme. Read them and be inspired by them.
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Stories inspiring us about 'HEALTH & WELL-BEING'


Health, safety and well-being


At Etex, our ambition is to ensure that every Etex colleague comes back home safe and sound every day. SafeStart is a programme that helps us to take safety awareness to the next level. The SafeStart approach reinforces knowledge with practical techniques that help teammates stay more alert to risk all day - not only at work but also at home and on the road.

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