P K Leung


Regional General Manager
Year of Installation
Etex Hong Kong
Hong Kong

During the coronavirus crisis, we managed to work with different modular house contractors. The goal was to build quarantine centres with beds in different locations in Hong Kong. Although we are neither doctors nor medical equipment providers, we were still able to help isolate those people infected and help reduce the coronavirus numbers. This inspires our ways of living in the COVID-19 period.

We built those centres because we all strongly believed that by building them, we were not only helping the government but also our whole community. A nice side effect of our efforts was that sales of PROMATECT®-H boards, fire-rated sealant and intumescent paint grew considerably. My Teammates and I were just glad we were able to help where we could.

Regional General Manager
自 2002 年起在 Etex
Etex Hong Kong, Hong Kong