Culture & values


Three values we share

Connect & care

People working together are the essential driver of a sustainable future. We nurture teamwork, communities, partnerships and new ways of working. Even more, we provide people with all the tools and skills they need to collaborate effectively.

Three values we share

Pioneer to lead

Outperformance is something we actively seek. To deliver the most value in a changing sector, leadership means putting the customer at the centre of our continuous improvement and innovation efforts.

Three values we share

Passion for excellence

Through passion, innovation and adherence to the highest standards, we deliver the very best to our partners and customers. We raise the bar in everything we do and never settle for anything less than top-notch.

Our code of conduct contains our expectations of our people as they work and act with integrity. Sustainability, the abolishment of child labour, zero discrimination and commitment to communities are a few of our many ethical ambitions.


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