Connect & care

At Etex, we move forward as one team to realise our purpose 'Inspiring Ways of Living'. Every day, teammates worldwide give meaning to our core value 'Connect & Care' to inspire and motivate each other.


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We believe we can build a better world by working together as one team and caring for each other.
At Etex, we interpret "connect and care" broadly: we not only take good care of our teammates within the company, but we also pay attention to the world in which we work and live. This is illustrated very well by the testimonial of our teammate Heidi Olivier of Etex South Africa. In the video, she tells the gripping story of how Etex teammates helped a foster mother with five children after her house burned down.
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Stories inspring us about 'connect & care'


Three values we share

Connect & care 

People working together are the essential driver of a sustainable future. We nurture teamwork, communities, partnerships and new ways of working. Even more, we provide people with all the tools and skills they need to collaborate effectively.

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