Diversity, equity & inclusion

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Etex's culture is all about teaming up, motivating, inspiring and taking care of each other. We know that our success depends on our talented and diverse employee base. We are convinced that diversity of thinking helps us to deliver a strong and sustainable performance. It is also essential for us that everyone feels part of the team. In this spirit, we are committed to equal opportunities and zero tolerance for discrimination, which is stipulated in our code of conduct.


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Facts & figures


Breakdown by gender

Total Etex population office-based.png factory-based.png
imageas7w9.png Office-based employees Factory-based employees
imagewtv7.png Factory-based employees.png


Age diversity in top management

 Board of Directors (12 members)

 Under 30 years old 0%
 30-50 years old 33%
 Over 50 years old 67%
 Executive Committee (10 members)
 Under 30 years old 0%
 30-50 years old 20%
 Over 50 years old 80%

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Our goals for 2025

Our goals are set to give equal opportunities to all Etex teammates and to remove systemic barriers to inclusion. At the same time, we will continue to assess our gender equality performance on a regular basis to assure progress towards a more equal gender representation throughout the different levels in the organisation and to identify potential barriers and opportunities to accelerate the pace of change.



Strengthen governance and framework

Cover 100% of teammates by diversity, equity and inclusion policies, procedures and practices. Make diversity, equity and inclusion an intrinsic part of all stages of employee life cycle:
  • Address systemic barriers to inclusion through global policies and procedures
  • Increase diversity e.g. through hiring processes and talent management
Train 100% of teammates on diversity, equity and inclusion


Build a culture of inclusion by addressing unconscious bias and enhancing understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion.




Eliminate the gender pay gap

  Achieve equal pay for work of equal value:
  • Analyse existing compensation structures and packages
  • Review compensation and benefit policies
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Teammate Stories

We have collected inspiring stories from Etex teammates worldwide and are sharing them here with all. We are helping create a sense of pride across team and borders, enabling our team to inspire each of and the world.

In our latest Employee Engagement Survey, 76% of female and 77% of male teammates agreed that management supports diversity, equity & inclusion at Etex. This is a good result, but there is room for improvement.


Therefore we invited some teammates to share their thoughts and personal experiences about diversity, equity & inclusion. Their stories will help raise awareness about its importance and make Etex the best workplace for all.

Valentyna Aliieva,

Valentyna Aliieva,

"We feel welcome and protected. Many people who work here have different mentality, religions, and worldviews, but the company knows how to unite us into a single team."

Team Sigmat, United Kingdom

Team Sigmat, United Kingdom

"One of the greatest things that we enjoyed the most in our company is the wide diversity between us. With such, it has been a great work environment full of support and teamwork."

Cheong Mun Keat,

Cheong Mun Keat, <br> Malaysia

Cheong Mun Keat,

"I am very inspired by the way in which different functions and countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, LATAM, Europe etc., interact to develop lightweight solutions "