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Etex has a clear commitment to help build a better, sustainable future. We work towards this vision by caring about our social and environmental impacts and working on innovative solutions for the building industry. When translating our sustainability ambitions into impactful initiatives.


Etex’s sustainable efforts tie in with its purpose of ‘Inspiring ways of living’, claiming a pivotal role in its strategy. Etex’s business depends on the use of raw materials, energy, water and other ecosystem resources. With this observation comes a responsibility which the global building materials company fully acknowledges and seeks to act upon. Etex values suppliers integrating sustainability and environmental engagement as part of their strategy.



1. Suppliers can register in Ecovadis here.
2. Ecovadis will send a questionnaire to the supplier.
3. Once the questionnaire is completed and sent back to Ecovadis, an assessment will be performed.
4. The supplier and Etex will receive a scorecard with the result of the evaluation.


Etex will record and value sustainability efforts and initiatives. Etex invites suppliers to receive a sustainable certification and rating via Ecovadis.