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The benefit of a global partnership

Etex operates over 160 facilities in 45 countries. We are globally organised and locally embedded to meet the specific expectations of every client. When you are in search of a lightweight solution, just say the word – we have got you covered.

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Nigeria-flag.png Nigeria

South-africa-flag.png South Africa

Asia Pacific

Australia-flag.png Australia

China-flag.png China

Hong-kong-flag.png Hong Kong

India-flag.png India

Indonesia-flag.png Indonesia

Japan-flag.png Japan

Malaysia.png Malaysia

New-zealand.png New Zealand

Singapore-flag.png Singapore

Korea-flag.png South Korea

United-arab-emirates.png UAE


Austria-flag.png Austria

Belgium-flag.png België | Belgique

Bulgaria-flag.png Bulgaria

Croatian-flag.png Croatia

Czech-republic.png Czech Republic

Denmark.png Danmark

Estonia.png Estonia

France-flag.png France

Germany-flag.png Germany

Hungary-flag.png Hungary

Ireland-flag.png Ireland

Italy-flag.png Italy

Latvia-flag.png Latvia


Lithuania-flag.png Lithuania

Luxembourg-flag.png Luxembourg

Norway-flag.png Norway

Netherlands-flag.png Netherlands

Poland-flag.png Poland

Romania-flag.png Romania

Slovakia-flag.png Slovakia

Slovenia-flag.png Slovenia

Spain-flag.png Spain

Sweden-flag.png Sweden

Switzerland-flag.png Switzerland

United-kingdom-flag.png UK

Ukraine-flag.png Ukraine


Argentina-flag.png Argentina

Brazil-flag.png Brazil

Chile-flag.png Chile

Colombia-flag.png Colombia

Ecuador-flag.png Ecuador

Peru-flag.png Peru

United-states-flag.png United States