Our number one priority – above all else – is to keep our people safe, supported and competent. Safety is the foundation of our business, and we adhere to the strictest policies to ensure that every Etex colleague arrives home safe and sound each day.



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Safety framework

“Safety is key, it’s up to you and me.”

 This is our safety motto. Our employees across the globe have embraced this principle.
It is the responsibility of every single Etex colleague.
We rely on a formal set of guidelines to establish robust safety standards and frameworks.
Our safety logo is often one of the first things our employees see when they arrive at work.



We work tirelessly to excel in 3 safety domains


Machine safety

In line with the strict European Machinery Directive, we continuously improve machinery safety at every Etex facility around the world to safeguard the well-being of our workers.




We have implemented rigorous safety procedures in all our locations to identify, prevent and avoid accidents. We invest in diverse safety programmes and offer training courses to instil procedures into daily routines.



As awareness is the key to behavioural change, we highlight the need for constant vigilance. Our employees are trained to proactively spot the potential for unsafe conditions and report all near-miss incidents in order to continuously improve.

Frequency rate of lost-time accidents


Number of lost-time accidents
per one million hours worked

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Gravity rate


Level of absenteeism after an accident.
The higher the rate, the more severe the accident.

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Towards our goal

Zero accidents

“When it comes to safety, we can always do more.”

While the number of lost-time accidents at Etex decreased in 2018, we deeply regret recording two fatalities in our factories – all the more because our efforts over the last 10 years aim at preventing incidents like these. A focus on identifying and managing non-routine events and situations has been emphasised.

We continuously hone our safety policy by finetuning our targets and implementing new safety measures. One ambition never changes: our zero-accident goal. We are on the right track, but we cannot lose momentum. Every year, the number of accidents at Etex as well as the frequency rate have dropped. In 2018, 73% of Etex businesses were accident free.

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