At Etex, we are committed to working efficiently together as one team to serve our customers in the best way. We innovate and adapt our way of working and our products to their evolving expectations.


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At Etex, everyone can come up with ideas and suggestions to work better together. Teammates encourage and help each other to move forward.
We always encourage teammates to think along with the team and develop ideas for improvement and innovation in any domain. The story of teammate Genevieve Tofield from Etex Bristol is about the chances and possibilities that Etex gives to its teammates. In the video, she tells how her ideas and suggestions have been supported and enabled at every step. She pays tribute to her teammates who give her extra energy to realize new ideas.
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Stories inspiring us about 'performance'

Lars Baézenius

Lars Baézenius

Etex Malmö
Cristian Montes

Cristian Montes

Etex Brussels
Neneng Komariah

Neneng Komariah

Etex Karawang


Meeting the needs of the world

2021 was a very successful year in the face of continued global disruption. 
Our purpose, “Inspiring ways of living” is alive more than ever and embodies how Etex meets the needs of the world.

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