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Offsite construction

Specialising in light gauge steel, we offer fully integrated frame and panel solutions for the building structure and external envelope.


Non-loadbearing steel framing systems

Remagin’s steel framing systems for the external envelope accelerate the speed of construction, making buildings weather-tight more quickly and enabling internal fitout to happen sooner. Solutions can be supplied as made-to-measure elements, or as factory-assembled panels for even faster construction.

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Low-rise light steel frame structural solutions

Built by precision manufacturing in factory conditions, and rapid to assemble on site, Remagin’s light gauge steel framing systems for housing offer superior safety and comfort levels, as well as high energy performance levels, for residents.

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Mid-rise light steel frame structural solutions

Remagin's light to medium-duty steel frame solutions are perfect for mid-rise developments up to fifteen storeys high. They excel in urban spaces with limited room, and their pre-assembled nature means construction programmes can be accelerated significantly.

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