Customer engagement

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Our Road to Sustainability 2030 will boost Customer engagement and grow our business towards lightweight construction solutions. The construction industry as a whole is responsible for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 98% of the materials used in this industry end up in landfills or low value applications at the end of their life cycle. With its lightweight construction solutions, Etex can play an important role by engaging with its customers and deliver them solutions which are sustainable, efficient, safe and beautiful.


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The sustainable advantages of our lightweight products and solutions


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Involving our customers on our Road to Sustainability

Our goals for 2025:
  • Understanding the needs of our customers to making our sustainable solutions a critical part of our journey together. This encompasses recovering cut plasterboards from construction sites when we are delivering new ones, or providing more recycled content in our products.
  • Communicating the advantages of lightweight construction versus other forms of construction and delivering relevant trainings to facilitate the access to our technology for architects, installers and contractors.
  • Investing in innovative solutions that are adapted to a sustainable world in terms of design, resource efficiency, recycled content and durability.