Etex Roodekop (Berry)

We mainly produce steel at our Berry Road plant and provide support services for Etex in South Africa and the world.









  Address: 4 Berry Rd, Roodekop, Germiston, 1401


Inspiring ways of living, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Etex South Africa inspires conscious building principles that are underpinned by technological advancements and an awareness of global challenges. We are the leading supplier of sustainable lightweight construction materials in South Africa. 


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" Steel is the backbone of all our systems. " 
Garry Powell,
Steel Product Manager

Job vacancies

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We are always looking for talent to join our team. At Etex Roodekop (Berry), we know how important it is for our business to grow our employees. We offer plentiful training opportunities for all our team members and want nothing more than to see our team flourish. Think you have what it takes to join our team?
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An international market leader with a solid reputation

Etex is present in more than 40 countries and we show leadership in different categories of our industry. We are proud of our fine track record, which consists of more than a century of experience in what we do, and of our financial position, which has remained sound throughout the years. We work as one Etex team, from research and development through production to after-sales service, to meet the needs of our markets. 53.5% of our teammates are factory workers and 46.5% are office and commercial workers. No less than 93.4% have a permanent contract. We offer an attractive salary with many extra-legal benefits: hospitalisation insurance, group insurance, meal vouchers, Christmas package, collective bonus, mobility solutions and more.

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Sustainable and social

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are at the heart of our goal. Our lightweight building solutions, for example, have a smaller ecological footprint. Their production, transport and use require less water, energy and raw materials. In fact, Etex is a member of the UN Global Compact and is committed to 10 principles relating to human rights, fair working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

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Be a part of the disruption

At Etex, you contribute to the disruption of the construction industry. Innovation is an essential ingredient of 'Inspiring Ways of Living'. We are constantly optimising our production processes. We are looking for smarter, more efficient and more sustainable lightweight solutions in fibre cement, plasterboard, fire protection and insulation. Recycling is the number one priority in our R&D efforts. We are pioneering digitally integrated and modular technology to build faster and more affordably, and to reduce waste and energy consumption.

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Because you are most important

Safety is our primary concern at Etex, at the level of the organisation and of you individually. Our motto is: "Safety is crucial and everyone's responsibility". We keep each other safe through regular training, personal involvement and strict practical procedures so that all teammates can return home safe and sound every day.
Disover Etex's commitment to safety.

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Strict code of conduct and a warm welcome

We want you to feel at home! We provide you with an extensive welcome programme in which we give you time and space to get to know our company. And we'll also introduce you to our updated Etex Code of Conduct, which promotes a culture of safety, ethics and compliance. The diversity of our staff is one of our strengths. In the pursuit of one Etex family of caring teammates, we treat everyone with fairness, dignity and respect.

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You get all the tools and freedom to develop yourself

At Etex, you will have plenty of opportunity to develop your talents, skills and interests so that you can grow together with your team. We count on your sense of initiative and have been rewarding proactive behaviour for years.
At Etex, we let teammates shape their jobs! That is why we invest annually in both individual and group training. We invite you to take on a new challenge within our organisation and are happy to help map out your professional path within Etex. And because work is an important part of life, we also organise annual team building events and have an eye for relaxation.



The preparation

To manufacture our steel frames, a process known as roll forming is used. This is a continuous process which converts sheet metal into an engineered shape using consecutive sets of mated rolls, each of which makes only an incremental change in the steel’s shape.


The manufacturing

In the manufacturing process, a coil or long individual strips are fed through a roll forming line which converts the flat sheet to a contoured cross-sectional profile. The unique aspect of this approach is the use of consecutive forming stations, each of which nudges the metal towards the desired shape.


The finishing touch

From its molten form, steel is cast into cooling moulds. Rough castings are finished through a process called hot rolling. This is used to create seamless, long, and flat products.

"In addition to a production department, at Etex Roodekop (Berry) you will also find a Logistics and Maintenance department".


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Our lightweight construction brand supplying innovative gypsum solutions and fibre cement boards. Offering a range of interior and exterior systems (partitions, ceilings, throughwall systems).