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At Etex, we never stand still

We continuously explore the full potential of our products and systems to see how we can implement them in new areas. During this process, we strive for sustainable solutions that require the least amount of resources or energy.

Innovation and Technology Centres

Innovation and Technology Centres

Innovation and Technology Centres

Our Innovation and Technology Centres around the world are making full use of multiple technologies and possibilities to optimise our lightweight systems and develop innovative solutions.

Innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. As our world faces global megatrends such as climate change and raw material scarcity, we use technologies to enable carbon footprint reduction and circularity. To us, these are the key innovation fields as main challenges for the construction sector. More than ever, we focus on innovation and R&D to drive change and set the course for a sustainable future.

Are you an engineer or a BA/MA student with a drive for change? Please get in touch via our contact form.

You can find our Innovation and Technology Centres in Linz (Austria), Kapelle-op-den-bos (Belgium), Tisselt (Belgium), Rodding (Denmark), Avignon (France), Heidelberg (Germany) and El Pla (Spain).

Investing in innovation

> 160

Skilled teammates


Innovation Technology Centres

EUR 25 million

dedicated to innovation in 2023


of our Research and Development (R&D) resources on sustainability aiming to reduce CO₂ emissions and raw material consumption

Customer oriented innovation


Gypsum: innovative system for Siniat

Introducing the Siniat Solidtex Wall System, a cutting-edge thruwall solution utilising the advanced High Density Crystallisation (HDC) gypsum board technology, Solidtex Outdoor XT. This groundbreaking system challenges traditional masonry solutions, offering remarkable performance alongside the convenience and sustainability of lightweight alternatives.


Fibre cement: innovative process for recycled material

Etex forms partnerships with suppliers and forward-thinking startups. Together, we strive to elevate sustainability standards by encouraging the use of cement enriched with supplementary cementitious materials. As recycling fibre cement products is no easy feat, we are pioneering a recycling program currently in its pilot phase, set to be officially launched in 2024.


Passive fire protection: innovative services for Promat

Etex has developed a unique and efficient Building Information Molder (BIM) toolbox for designing buildings with passive fire protection solutions. Led by our dedicated Research and Development team, this initiative is a collaboration with esteemed external BIM developers and leading research institutes. The project has been subsidised by the Flemish Government (Belgium), allowing us to make a visionary leap into the future of architectural ingenuity.


Insulation: innovative technology for URSA

In Care Technology is a patented marvel grounded in a mineral biocide serving as an inactivation enabler. An entire glass mineral wool fibre mat is turned into a defense against microbial development. In Care Technology guarantees indoor air quality, particularly in vital high-sensitivity environments like schools, healthcare facilities, and high-traffic areas abundant with ventilation ducts.