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Etex Argentina started in 1937, with the foundation of Eternit Argentina. In 1989 added Durlock® to its portfolio and increased the amount of drywall solutions.  From Etex Argentina we provide a wide range of products to construction and renovation projects in several areas: commercial, industrial, residential and also educational and health care facilities. We worked with and for the arquitects to design clever and sustainable materials that allow them to realize their projects with great success.

Available Etex Brands In Argentina

Cedral offers the homeowner a full solution to personalise the façade and roof of his home and to build his own beautiful world. Cedral offers pre-coated fibre cement sidings and slates.
Durlock® is the number one plasterboard brand in Argentina. It provides a wide range of solutions to the drywall market.
A recognised major player in the global architectural façade market who supplies fibre cement cladding panels for large to mid-size buildings.
Eternit® is the main brand of fibre cement solutions in Argentina. It develops innovative building and construction materials. Superboard, Simplisima and Multiplaca are its main brands.
Eternit Tanques® develop first quality and large assortment of polyethylene water storage solutions. It focusses on 4 categories: residential, building, water treatment and agroindustry.
Technology company specialised in the industrialisation of off-site construction, oriented to the development of modular structures through Light Steel Framing systems.
Our global passive fire brand for fire protection, high temperature applications and intumescent seals. A range of solutions are supplied worldwide including ducting, structural protection, compartmentation and fire stopping, for all sectors of construction including commercial, public buildings, Oil & Gas, Marine, Transportation and tunnels.

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