Purpose & strategy

Our industry is facing both opportunities and challenges. As a collaborative global company, we invite you to join us in building the future.

Our purpose

Inspiring ways of living

In this promise, we strive to meet global needs and lead the way in a rapidly changing industry. With sustainability as our compass and collaboration as our engine, we will move forward as one Etex team and serve as a truly inspiring partner to our customers. Our ambition is to improve lives worldwide by developing beautiful, effective, innovative lightweight building solutions.

Etex wants to be an inspiring partner to tackle our world’s challenges. We provide lightweight solutions to build safe, sustainable smart and beautiful living spaces. To make that happen, we embrace team-spirit, innovation and passion for excellence. We partner up to exceed the expectations of our customers: architects, contractors, homeowners, agriculturists, industrial partners, distributors…

Creating value in a challenged world

Our planet needs to deal with huge challenges: scarce resources and climate change, rapid technological innovation, ageing and booming cities, high demand for affordable quality housing.
To meet these challenges we can build on more than a century of solid know-how in lightweight solutions. Today we are paving new ways to the future with innovative modular systems.
You can count on 12.500 Etex teammates worldwide. Keeping each other safe. Helping each other out across departments and borders. Sharing values and inspiring ways for ever better solutions and customer service.

3 values we all share


Work together. Bring out the best in each other. Care for safety and well-being. This is the truly sustainable way to improve the quality of living for us all. 


We live in times of rapid transformation. We have the unique opportunity to help fulfil vital needs of our world. Let’s drive valuable change. Let’s inspire with  smart and sustainable solutions. 

To enhance the world with ever better living space, we need to create value together. By doing better and acting quickly. By enabling people to experiment and sometimes fail. By enjoying outperformance. 

Our 3 Pillar Agenda


Etex_Polygons_01_profitablegrowth (1).png

Profitable growth

We build strong relationships with our customers and align our innovation efforts with their needs.


Etex_Polygons_02_operationalperformance (1).png

Operational performance

Continuous improvement,  optimised processes and commitment to safety are the keys to our future.


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Engaged people

People who are dedicated to our vision create immense value. We enable their growth and development.

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