Sustainability at Etex

We seek to be a caring, harm-free and people-oriented company. We strive to provide the resources, tools, information and dedication needed to keep people safe and supported, ensure the smallest environmental footprint possible and prepare our communities for the future.




Finding intelligent ways to reduce our energy use and harness sustainable energy sources is a crucial element of operational excellence.

From adherence to rigorous energy standards and reliance on renewable energy to investments in energy-efficient technologies, Etex takes many different approaches to energy-related challenges. We seek clean energy suppliers and find ways to adapt energy use to production needs. We have even developed ways of using waste heat to power production processes. Our products also help our customers use energy efficiently.


Delivers insulation solutions for concentrated solar power technologies, producing sustainable energy in the sunny regions of the world.


Our Siniat solution for the complete exterior wall drastically increases a structure’s energy efficiency



Ecolor ISO, a corrugated fibre cement roofing panel, combines the benefits of fibre cement with excellent insulation properties.


In line with regulations, Etex banned asbestos in 2002, but we remain dedicated to supporting people affected by asbestos exposure before this ban.

As it takes decades – and sometimes as long as 45 years – for the effects of asbestos exposure to develop, we must stay vigilant. We have implemented a multifaceted policy to assist those who developed an asbestos-related illnesses, avoid the risks of future exposure and further scientific understanding of these diseases.

More about asbestos





Underlying our three corporate values, Etex is committed to respecting the environment in all our activities.

To this end, we have implemented a wide range of initiatives around the world that aim to reduce our environmental impact, improve our monitoring strategies and contributing to ecological and sustainable development. Our vision is global, but our projects have strong community ties. Reducing waste, limiting resource use and optimising energy consumption are just a few of our goals.


While we aim to minimise any negative effects of our activities, we also seek to maximise our positive impacts on our surroundings.

To give just a few examples of our efforts, reliance on renewable resources and the conversion of waste into production inputs feature strongly in our ambitions. We also incorporate recycled materials into our products and donate electronics and computers to charitable foundations instead of landfilling them.


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