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Access our latest results, find out about upcoming events, scan our annual reports and discover our commitment to the principles of corporate governance. Our financial performance is is delivered through our efforts towards profitable growth, relentless operational performance and strongly engaged people.


2019 Full-year results


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Recurring operating cash flow (REBITDA)

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Net recurring profit
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Discover our track record. Check our half-year results, full-year results and annual reports for the five last years here.

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Financial calendar

View our calendar to find out when all major events at Etex involving our financial stakeholders are taking place.


Date Event
  • Wednesday 1 July 2020
Dividend payment
  • Monday 31 August 2020
Half-Year Results 2020

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Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2019

Discover 4 interactive video stories told by Etex customers and business partners. Swiftly navigate through the case stories of your choice.

Building Performance
A Chilean housing developer building high-quality homes for low-income familieswith hi-tech Etex lightweight solutions.

Two British architects on building the Bristol Business School, inspired by the right cladding solution.

Residential Roofing
A CEO from an expanding German construction firm on a fruitful collaboration with the Etex roofing solutions team.

A Dutch engineer developing extremely reliable car brakes with Etex insulation technology.
In the interactive video below, you choose the questions that are asked to our business partners and clients.
Click to start discovering their inspiring Etex stories.
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Board of directors

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Our Board of Directors sets out our overall strategy, decides on major investments and monitors corporate matters. The Board is composed of representatives from both shareholders and management as well as independent directors.
Jean-Louis de Cartier de Marchienne, Chairman - Download CV 
Paul Van Oyen, CEO and Managing Director - Download CV 
Pascal Emsens, Director / Gustavo Oviedo, Director / Teodoro Scalmani, Director / Christian Simonard, Director / Bernadette Spinoy, Director / Caroline Thijssen, Director / Johan Van Biesbroeck, Director / Phillippe Vlerick, Director / Guillaume Voortman, Director


Four working committees analyse specific issues more thoroughly and advise the Board accordingly:

• Jean-Louis de Cartier de
Marchienne, Chairman

• Paul Van Oyen, CEO
• Philippe Vlerick, Director
• Gustavo Oviedo, Director
• Olivier van der Rest
• Pascal Emsens

• Johan Van Biesbroeck,

• Teodoro Scalmani, Director
• Guillaume Voortman, Director

• Jean-Louis de Cartier de
Marchienne, Chairman

• Christian Simonard, Director
• Caroline Thijssen, Director

• Bernadette Spinoy, Chairman

• Paul Van Oyen, CEO
• Bernadette Spinoy, Director
• Christian Simonard, Director

EXECUTIVE committee

Our day-to-day management is entrusted to our CEO Paul Van Oyen and the Etex Executive Committee.

Corporate governance

Discover our commitment to the principles of corporate governance. Etex employs a sound approach to management and steering in line with the best interests of all stakeholders, optimizing performance while reducing risk.


Etex’s articles of association lay down the rules about how our company is run, as agreed by the shareholders, directors and the company secretary. (complete document in Dutch).


Etex is committed to the principles of corporate governance and employs a sound approach to managing and steering our company in line with the best interests of our internal and external stakeholders.


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