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Annual Report 2022

Sustainable answers to urgent challenges

We believe urgent challenges need short-term and long-term solutions. In 2022, among different achievements, we supported our Ukrainian teammates and their families, maintained an engaged team, nurtured partnerships with our customers, significantly advanced on sustainability and successfully integrated our new insulation business.

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Full-Year Results 2022

Full-Year Results 2022

Full-Year Results 2022

Etex recorded an outstanding financial performance in 2022, with a revenue increase of 13.3% at EUR 3.714 billion on a like-for-like basis compared to 2021, and a REBITDA improvement by 2.8% like-for-like to EUR 645 million, its highest value ever.

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2022 Full-year results



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Recurring operating

cash flow (REBITDA)

(in EUR million)

(1) These values are restated for IFRS 16 (lease) impacts consistently with 2019 with respect to lease debt, leased assets and depreciation of lease assets.

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Net recurring profit
(Group share)

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