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Our sales divisions are our connection to the market. Each of them aims at leadership within carefully selected business segments.


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Since 2016, the Industry division has pioneered in the domains of structural fi re protection and highperformance insulation in thermal process industries, construction, transportation, energy and beyond. Head of Division Steven Heytens describes the 2019 performance of this globally active division, highlighting its robust progress along its sustainable growth trajectory.

"Sales and profitability kept rising in 2019 - we’re right on track.”
Can you sum up the 2019 results of Industry in a few words?
Right in line with our business ambitions and strategic plans, we registered growth for the third year running. We also dedicated plenty of effort to developing our new strategy, ‘Industry 2025’. This new growth strategy succeeds the one we outlined in 2016, which we have successfully achieved.



What are the factors behind the division’s achievements?
There are four key factors here, the first being a strong focus on our unique customer segments, as co-creating solutions together with our customers and partners is truly at the heart of our activity. The second has to do with the flexibility of the division in terms of services, sales, operations, logistics, etc. – which is a competitive advantage unlocked by our global scale. Finally, there is the strong brand legacy of our high-quality products and the remarkable talent of our people.
And the 2025 strategic roadmap you mentioned – could you provide moredetails?
We have four concrete goals: to double our current revenue, to be the global leader in passive fire protection and high-performance insulation, to offer an end-to-end, segment-driven customer experience and to add significant new business through innovation andacquisitions.
In order to achieve these goals, we centre our activities around safety and sustainability, customer experience, high-value partnerships and sustainable profitable growth – not to mention providing a great place to work for ourtalent.
We have reached key milestones in each of these areas in the last three years and learned some valuable lessons. For instance, we have a strong reputation, fantastic products, great flexibility and dedicated people. But we have also identified some important opportunities to enhance support and scalability, and to bring our customers the innovative solutions they need to meet the energy and productivity challenges of tomorrow. Moving forward, these opportunities will take centrestage.



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