Ruth Pereira


Regional Talent & DevelopmentManager APAC and ME
Year started
Etex Dubai
United Arab Emirates

We kicked off 2021 with great enthusiasm, wanting not just to help our Teammates overcome the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic but also to concentrate on their well-being. We rolled out several AMEA employee engagement activities focused on safety and well-being.

We started by organising a Teams meet-up to showcase our “hidden” talents. We shared fun moments during the lockdown with a saxophone and singing performance, live cooking and a pop quiz. We also launched the AMEA Virtual Kudos, with Teammates awarding marks to their colleagues based on their inspiring leadership principles. Moreover, we started a monthly webinar promoting mental health and emotional resilience. Some topics were very relevant for teleworking Teammates, such as “pain-free living, tips about headaches, neck and back pain”.

Finally, we set up our SafeStart Energiser campaign focused on safety and wellness, which garnered 1,600 safety engagement entries on our Etex EHS app. That was really the icing on the cake!