Jo Van Biesbroeck appointed Vice President of the Etex Board of Directors

Jo Van Biesbroeck appointed Vice President of the Etex Board of Directors

After a diligent selection procedure, the Board of Directors of Etex has followed the advice of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee to nominate Jo Van Biesbroeck as the successor of Jean-Louis de Cartier as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The succession would be effective immediately after the proposed renewal of Jo’s Director’s mandate at the general shareholders’ meeting on 26 May 2021. To enable a smooth transition, between now and the general shareholders’ meeting, Jo Van Biesbroeck will serve as Vice-President of the Board of Directors.

About the members of our Board of Directors

Jean-Louis de Cartier joined our Board of Directors back in 1993. In the following years, he also served on the Boards of other companies. In May 2021, after having accompanied Etex in numerous developments, Jean-Louis will reach the end of his current mandates of Director and Chairman of the Board. As he will reach the maximum number of mandates according to the company’s rules of governance, he cannot be re-elected for another term.

Jo Van Biesbroeck holds a degree in economics from KU Leuven and counts an extensive business experience. He spent 38 years careers with Interbrew, later InBev and then AB InBev. In his most recent role of Chief Strategy Officer, he helped the CEO develop the optimal path for the top-line growth of the group and oversaw the group’s global export division, ABI International.

He has significant experience in the management of publicly listed companies with family shareholders. He serves as a Board member for several listed companies, at which he leads Audit and Remuneration Committees. Jo is an Etex Board member since 2018, and he is the Chairman of its Risk and Audit Committee.

Welcome Jo – we look forward to your insights as we continue to execute our strategy to inspire ways of living.