Etex acquires a majority stake in leading French offsite construction company e-Loft

Etex acquires a majority stake in leading French offsite construction company e-Loft

Zaventem, 27 January 2021 – International building materials specialist Etex announces it has acquired a majority stake in leading French offsite construction company e-Loft. The company becomes part of Etex’s New Ways division, which develops sustainable, industrialised and modular construction solutions. As such, the acquisition is a key milestone on Etex’s strategic roadmap and an enabler of our ambition to shape the future of construction by “inspiring ways of living”.

A strong local player becomes part of a global team

Established in 2012, e-Loft responds to the growing market for offsite housing construction in France. It offers innovative B2C and B2B solutions in three domains: modular single-family homes, modular multi-family residential complexes and custom-designed buildings using “3D wood” technology. The company employs 180 people and operates a state-of-the-art production facility of 22,000 m², providing solutions to customers in Brittany and in the West of France. e-Loft has built around 150 houses in 2020.

e-Loft has chosen to join forces with Etex to benefit from its global footprint and its growing knowledge in terms of digital platform, sales and operation processes. The acquisition will also support e-Loft’s ambitions to significantly grow the business in Brittany and the rest of France in the next few years.

In line with the Etex strategic vision on offsite construction

Etex’s vision is to be at the forefront of the transformation of construction methods and technologies, particularly in the area of offsite building solutions. In 2020, we have launched the New Ways division to spearhead this initiative. Our objective is to develop New Ways either organically or through acquisitions or a combination of both over the next two to three years. E-Loft is New Ways’ first offsite construction acquisition of a majority stake in continental Europe. It will be supported by our historical local presence in France, a country where there is significant government support for sustainable construction.

In e-Loft, Etex gains a partner with a high-quality facility, an experienced management team, a strong, proven product offer and well-established market credibility.

Etex CEO Paul Van Oyen: “We are very pleased to welcome e-Loft into our New Ways division, and enthusiastic about the growth opportunities that this strategic acquisition offers to both of our companies. The addition of e-Loft to our global team of experienced lightweight and modular construction businesses further reinforces our ambition to become a leader in future-focussed, sustainable building solutions.”

Philippe Roué and Edouard Lefebure, Founders of e-Loft: “Convinced of the significant development of 3D modular construction in France and in Europe in the coming years, we are very pleased with the strategic partnership we have just established with Etex. Benefitting from the strong expertise we have built up in "3D wood" construction over the last few years, as well as from the industrial support of Etex, we now aim to become a key player in this sector on the French and European markets.”