Etex puts the well-being of its 11,000 employees at the heart of its post-Covid strategy

Etex puts the well-being of its 11,000 employees at the heart of its post-Covid strategy

Etex, the international building material manufacturer, has rolled out a well-being challenge across its offices in 42 countries around the world. As diversity and inclusion are important to Etex, the company teamed up with Oopla to ensure all its 11,000 employees, of all abilities, could participate to the full. The global challenge started in April and continues until July, over 3,000 employees have entered the competition and strive not only to increase their personal physical and mental well-being in a sustainable way, but also to lead their country to victory and support a local charity. This global initiative, unique in the building industry, kicks off Etex’s long-term commitment to ensure their employees’ well-being in a post-Covid world.

A unique, inclusive program to boost well-being

The past year has been challenging for everyone; Etex noticed how Covid-19 could be affecting their employees’ well-being. Traditionally, within the construction industry, when talking about ‘health & safety’ emphasis is put more on avoiding physical injuries in factories and on site and less on employees’ well-being. “At Etex, this well-being program has been a priority, it has enabled our teammates to feel great about themselves, encourage them to be more active and outside every day”, says Louise Cail, CHRO of Etex.

The challenge is not limited to the active, it enables all generations and less abled employees to take part. “Diversity and inclusion is important to us, we wanted to make sure that every single one of our colleagues could take part in the challenge; it is why we chose to work with Oopla, they had the perfect solution to help us achieve our goal”, she continues.

Bringing employees closer together

'Connect and care' is one of Etex’s core values. With over 100 years of history of growth and acquisitions, it is – now more than ever – important to unite everyone as one Etex team. The Etex Challenge is not only the first global well-being initiative, it is also part of the #UnitedToInspire campaign which has seen Etex develop its sense of purpose and bring teammates all over the world closer together. Etex wants to make a positive contribution to society by Inspiring Ways of Living, which is only possible by putting its own employees first and taking care of their well-being.

Over 3,000 employees improving their well-being for themselves, their team… and for charity

Etex has rolled out the Oopla Activity Challenge across its offices in 42 countries around the world. In the meantime, over 3,000 employees have already taken on the challenge. They strive not only to improve their personal well-being, but each participant also contributes to their country’s score. Every month, the leading countries are rewarded with donation to a charity of their choice.

Oopla Activity Challenge

In recent months Etex has worked closely with Oopla to be the first company to offer this unique Oopla Activity Challenge to all its employees worldwide. Etex chose to partner up with a professional organisation, because this challenge is about more than just counting steps. It aims to improve the habits of Etex’s employees in terms of their physical and mental health in a sustainable way.

Oopla is a lifestyle game to get everybody active, engaged and better connected. It was founded in 2019 by Dr Jonny Bloomfield, a leading Sport & Exercise Scientist. Oopla motivates people to become more physically active and manage their time efficiently through productive 28-day challenges, helping organisations to improve staff well-being, engagement and performance. Unlike traditional challenges like counting steps or accumulating distances, Oopla is a fully inclusive offering allowing all staff with all interests and abilities to take part on a level playing field to build long-lasting physical activity habits that will meet and exceed the WHO guidelines.