Etex and Techo partner up to improve the living conditions of families in Peru

Etex – an industrial group with its headquarters in Belgium that offers innovative building solutions – teamed up 45 of its workers with the NGO Techo Peru to carry out a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. The aim was to construct modular homes for families in the district of Ventanilla, located in the northwest of Lima.

Eternit Perú, an Etex company implemented the initiative. Altogether, nine houses were built within a period of two days. Each house is 18 m² consisting of three rooms: two bedrooms and a kitchen-dining room area.

The homes were built entirely using Eternit Peru products. Part of Etex’s global portfolio, these materials demonstrated their ease of rapid installation, simplicity of handling, resistance to weathering, ventilation, durability and low weight, core strengths of Etex's prefabricated modular construction system.

According to Catalin Ciocan, an Etex employee who was part of the team, "there are no words to describe this project. This experience has been amazing not only for me but for the families that we have helped".

Chantal Krakowski, a Belgian colleague, said that "Etex has partnered with Techo gathering colleagues from all over the world, sharing one common goal: to improve the quality of life of vulnerable families”.

Finally, Paul Van Oyen, CEO of Etex, explained that the objective of the partnership with Techo was to bring Etex’s corporate values to the community, through concrete action, "where the expertise of our company in modular construction systems was proudly demonstrated".

Learn about the advantages of Etex’s construction system:

Etex and Techo partner up to improve the living conditions of families in Peru

About Etex

Etex is a Belgian industrial group that manufactures and sells building materials. With more than 14,000 employees working in 42 countries, Etex is an international player in sustainable construction. Its main businesses are:

  • Etex Building Performance: plasterboards, gypsum products and formulations, fiber cement panels and dry construction solutions.
  • Etex Exteriors: architectural and residential fiber cement siding panels.
  • Etex Industry: solutions for insulation and passive fire protection
  • Etex Residential Roofing: systems of roofs, slates, tiles and corrugated sheets, and components of ceilings.

About Eternit Perú

Eternit Perú is an Etex company. It operates in Peru since 1940, and since then it has been a leader player in the construction industry with high presence in housing, commercial, institutional, education, health and industry segments, through the manufacture of fiber cement, plaster and polyethylene materials.