Etex unveils its sustainable ambitions and progress in its first-ever Sustainability Report

Marking a first in its history, global building material manufacturer and pioneer Etex has just released its 2020 Sustainability Report. Published digitally, the report zooms in on how Etex’s sustainability initiatives and actions progressed throughout the past year. The Sustainability Report is accessible HERE.

Sustainability as a strategic pillar and driver for growth

Etex’s sustainable efforts tie in with its purpose of ‘Inspiring ways of living’, claiming a pivotal role in its strategy. As the company is active within the construction industry, Etex’s business depends on the use of raw materials, energy, water and other ecosystem resources. With this observation comes a responsibility which the global building materials company fully acknowledges and seeks to act up.

Driving sustainability in the way we develop business” has therefore been defined as one of Etex’s six strategic pillars. In turn, the group’s sustainability journey helps strengthen its culture and values, supporting its long-term business success. An important driving factor in Etex’s sustainability journey is the United Nations’ Global Compact (UNGC), a voluntary call for companies to implement universal sustainability principles which Etex signed in 2020. In addition, the company fully commits to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Etex CEO Paul van Oyen: “At Etex, we have a clear commitment to helping build a better, sustainable future. We seek to offer holistic value to our customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, as we continue to decouple our growth from environmental and social impacts. To help achieve this, we focus on lightweight materials and prefabricated construction. These methods offer advantages such as reduced raw material use, energy consumption, waste and emissions. Even more, they contribute to enhanced long-term circularity by creating opportunities for deconstruction, reuse and recycling.”

Prioritising four main sustainability areas

In addition to highlighting Etex’s overall sustainability approach, results, achievements and how the topic is embedded within the group’s activities and business, the 2020 Sustainability Report also shares the group’s ambitions and progress in four main areas:

  1. Carbon neutrality;
  2. Health, safety and well-being;
  3. Waste management and circularity;
  4. Diversity and inclusion.

These domains were carefully selected and defined. During internal workshops with experts and Senior Leaders from all Etex divisions, 20 topics were shortlisted from an initial 100. Next, 650 stakeholders responded to a survey on the importance of these topics. This exercise has helped us prioritise the four sustainability areas mentioned above in 2020.

Prepared in accordance with the international GRI Standards, Etex’s 2020 Sustainability Report is the result of a global team effort. One key contributor was the Green Team, Etex’s internal task force of environmental and sustainability specialists, which initiated a reporting process in line with international sustainability reporting standards.

The Sustainability Report is accessible on Etex’s website at the following address: