Etex launches dry construction solutions at Batibouw - 20/02/2014

Press releaseEtex is launching Dryco Systems, its lightweight dry construction solutions for exterior walls, at this year’s Batibouw. Motivated by scarce resources and energy savings, Etex’s dry construction solutions will pave the way for major innovations in the way we build and renovate with financial, aesthetical and environmental benefits for architects, builders and users alike.

Dry construction is building without the involvement of wet trades. A lightweight dry construction consists of an insulated timber or steel frame cladded with building boards for the interior and exterior. Etex’s Dryco Systems is a solution for the construction of the complete exterior wall. It combines interior and exterior building boards and cladding solutions out of fibre cement and gypsum on an insulated structure, and it meets the strictest performance requirements and highest standards.

The future is dry construction

With a steady rise in usage over the past two decades, the building sector is one of the key consumers of energy in Europe.

Fons Peeters, CEO of Etex, says: "In Western Europe, the construction sector is faced with major environmental challenges and an aging building inventory. Etex’s Dryco Systems not only complies with the new environmental regulations and challenges, it also meets the growing demand for comfort, safety and aesthetics. And it results in a lower cost for the builder."

Advantages of dry construction

  1. Dry construction helps reduce the carbon footprint and increases energy efficiency. Easier to renovate and dismantle at the end of the lifecycle and 100% recyclable or recoverable, dry construction solutions are significantly more sustainable than conventional builds.
  2. Builders and investors will have a lower building cost and a faster and higher return on their investment. Construction times are shortened and the rentable floor space increases when using dry construction for highly energy efficient buildings. On site, productivity is higher due to the ease of installation and the lighter weight of the construction elements. Off site, dry construction is more suitable to pre-fabrication.
  3. Etex’s Dryco Systems combines all these advantages with freedom in design and creativity. This gives architects and designers free rein to make their mark in shaping a new European building future.

In Belgium these solutions and advantages are provided by Eternit’s high quality cladding solutions and Siniat’s gypsum and building boards solutions. With Dryco Systems, both brands take the lead in the field of lightweight dry construction solutions. Fons Peeters concludes: "The launch of Dryco Systems is a concrete result of the integration of Siniat and the collaboration with Eternit and our R&D centres."

(*) If you use the images below of buildings using Dryco Sytems, please mention the names of the architect and photographer.

Download a photo of the primary school in Shoeburyness (GB) - Space Craft (architect) - A. Smith (photographer) (jpg 9,7 MB)

Download a photo of the single family home in Veendaal (NL) - Schlingmann Architecten (architect) - M. Van Coile (photographer) (jpg 10,7 MB)

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