Etex strengthens its presence with a new plasterboard plant in Brazil - 04/04/2014

Press releaseEtex has started the construction of a new plasterboard plant in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The investment, totalling approximately € 60 million, aims to further expand the company’s presence in Latin America with the largest production capacity of drywall boards on the continent. The factory will open its doors in the middle of 2015.

On 31 March, construction work for the new production facility in Rio de Janeiro, got underway. Strategically located close to the port and main country roads, in Santa Cruz Industrial District, the factory will serve mostly the south and southeast regions of Brazil with plasterboards, thus strengthening Etex’s cladding and building boards segment.

A solid presence

The new plasterboard facility is an addition to the existing two factories in the north-eastern state Pernambuco, producing plasterboards, compounds and plaster in powder form. The three factories will provide Etex with a strong market share throughout the country.

Etex’s subsidiary Gypsum Drywall (Siniat Brazil) is the pioneer and reference beacon in the country, with a strong network of distributors and installers in all regions. The company also helped the consolidation of drywall systems in the Brazilian market in three ways: through the development of large building companies and a business network in the distribution market, through active participation in quality programs, and by supporting the provision of complementary systems.

Growing market

“The investment enables Etex to expand its footprint in Latin America, an emerging market of strategic importance. Brazil plays a leading role in the economic development of the region. The country’s plasterboard market is growing rapidly, at twice the rate of the construction industry’’, explains Fons Peeters, Etex’s CEO.
This year, Gypsum Drywall (Siniat Brazil) will complete 20 years’ experience in the domestic market and the new factory will supply the growing demand for drywall systems in Brazil in the coming years.

Three high-performance plasterboards

An estimated 150 employees will manufacture three types of high-performance plasterboards: standard, humidity-resistant and fire-resistant. 
All three solutions fit today’s fast-track construction schedules, with lightness, ease-of-use, strength and durability as their main benefits. Etex’s plasterboards are applied in residential and commercial environments. The boards can be used for partitions, ceilings and claddings.

More information on Gypsum Drywall on the company’s website at

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