Etex announces end of Creaton’s legal dispute with German Bundeskartellamt - 08/06/2015

Etex has announced that the cartel case between its German subsidiary Creaton AG and the German Competition Authority, the Bundeskartellamt, has reached a conclusion. The Bundeskartellamt started this legal case against several clay tile manufacturers back in December 2006.

The clay tile manufacturers allegedly infringed the German competition law in 2006. At that time, these companies introduced an energy surcharge which raised their prices to reflect the significant increases in their energy costs.

As approved by the Düsseldorf Court on 29 May 2015, Creaton will pay a fine of 39.9 million euro, a substantially lower amount than first claimed. This brings an end to long-lasting legal proceedings, thus enabling Creaton to focus its efforts and resources on further developing its business and market position.

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