Etex launches new clay tile factory in Poland - 19/09/2012

Etex invests 65 million euro in a clay roof tile plant in Koscian, Poland.

Under the brand name of Creaton, Etex launches a state-of-the-art clay roof tile factory. Etex already operates two factories in Poland to produce concrete roof tiles.

This investment will strengthen the position of Etex in the market of small roofing elements, confirming its leading position in the local market. Once fully operational, this new plant will give employment to more than 150 people.

A strong position

Kościan is located in the region of Wielkopolskie, in the west of Poland. The construction began in January 2011 and the plant produced its first clay tile on August 1, 2012. Final commissioning is scheduled for March 2013.

The plant is located near a clay quarry which belongs to the company. The quarry has very large reserves of clay of excellent quality and ensures sufficient supply of raw material over the long term.

To fire the tiles in the kiln, the plant uses natural gas from the largest natural gas field in Poland located in the immediate vicinity of the facilities. Based on new technologies, the emission of CO2 is reduced as much as possible during the production process.

The new plant will supply the domestic and neighbouring markets

In Koscian, two types of large format tiles will be manufactured: the flat tile TITANIA, mainly intended for the Polish market and neighboring Central and Eastern European markets, the MAXIMA tile is mainly for the German market. The company will start sales in Poland in November 2012, export will start as from March 2013.

New clay tile factory in Poland

More news is available on the website of Creaton.