Etex inaugurates new factory in Karawang, Indonesia - 18/03/2016

Press release Etex officially inaugurated its new fibre cement boards plant in Karawang, near the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Presiding over the Belgian economic mission in the country, Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium attended the opening ceremony in the company of Belgian ministers, government officials and economic agents. As Etex’s biggest investment in 2015, the factory enables the building materials group to strengthen its leading position on the high-potential Indonesian building market.

Only green lights ahead

The world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia has more than 250 million inhabitants. By 2020, this figure is estimated to go up by 7%. Coupled with a rising middle class, this strong increase in population is having a positive impact on the local housing and renovation markets, which account for 70% of the construction market. While plywood boards are becoming less popular, the demand for Etex’s fibre cement boards is rising. The reason for this shift: hardwood becomes scarcer and prices are going up, whereas fibre cement boards offer clear advantages in terms of ecology and durability.

Strong market knowledge and renowned brands

Etex is present in Indonesia since 1971. Its factory in Gresik, in East Java, produces Kalsi building boards and Eter roofing sheets for most of eastern and central Indonesia. “Kalsi boards are renowned for their durability and high resistance to external weathering, impact, termites, humidity and fire”, explains Wim Messiaen, Managing Director of local Etex company Eternit Gresik. “The boards are used to construct ceilings, façades, floors, partitions and other applications.

Strengthening pole position in Indonesia

In the past eight years, Etex has been growing significantly in Indonesia”, comments Paul Van Oyen, CEO of Etex. “To expand our range of Kalsi fibre cement boards from eastern and central Indonesia to the western part of the country, we began building a second production facility in Karawang, in July 2014.” It was the group’s biggest investment in 2015.

Strategically located in Karawang, 32 miles east of the capital Jakarta, the factory is situated near major roads and the port of Jakarta. In this way, Etex’s business is optimally connected to high-potential markets in Indonesia’s capital and across the country’s numerous islands.

Modern production facility

On 18 March, the new Karawang factory was inaugurated during an official ceremony in the presence of HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium. Attended by various Belgian ministers, government officials and economic agents as well, this event marked the formal launch of the production plant, which is currently 130 employees strong.

The factory boasts several eco-friendly specs. These include: zero-waste production, a closed water circuit, the use of recycled cellulose fibre as a raw material, and a 4,000 m³ pond to collect rainwater for manufacturing purposes.

Major investments around the world

The new factory in Indonesia is only one of four major greenfield investments completed by Etex in 2015. Besides the fibre cement boards factory in Karawang, three plasterboards plants were opened around the globe. In Peru, Etex’s local Eternit company inaugurated a new facility in the capital Lima. The production plant opened in April, coinciding with Eternit Peru’s 75 th anniversary. In Brazil, Etex finished the construction of South America’s largest plasterboard plant. Located in Rio de Janeiro and marking 20 years of local presence, the factory was inaugurated in September. Finally, in Romania, a new Siniat production site was opened in October, located in Turceni, in the south of the country.

Inauguration Karawang plant 3 Inauguration Karawang plant 3 Inauguration Karawang plant 3

Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium inaugurates Etex Karawang factory, alongside Belgian and Indonesian government officials.

Inauguration Karawang plant 2 Inauguration Karawang plant 2 Inauguration Karawang plant 2

Inauguration Karawang plant Inauguration Karawang plant Inauguration Karawang plant

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