Spanish gypsum firm Pladur now 100% owned by Etex - 12/01/2018

On 22 December, the closing of the transaction with Coemac was signed, transferring all remaining Pladur’s shares to Etex. As a result, Etex is now the sole shareholder of Pladur. Back in July, we were pleased to announce an agreement - subject to customary closing conditions - making Etex the majority shareholder of the leading Spanish manufacturer of gypsum products.

Over the last four decades, Pladur has built a strong brand reputation on the Iberian market being a key contributor to the development of plasterboard systems. Its production capacity is spread across five sites all located in Spain and enables the company to manufacture a complete range of plasterboards, acoustic ceilings, metal studs, plaster products and compounds. Pladur has also been successful at serving selected export markets around the world.

Pladur’s expertise is a key element of Etex’s strategy in the region. The full acquisition allow Etex to complete its European market coverage and reinforces its presence in a recovering housing and commercial sector with a growing demand for dry construction methods.