Why South Africa is a region of great potential - 02/09/2015

With an average economic growth of 2.2% per year, South Africa forms the beating heart of the southern African region. The demand for housing has been on the rise for years, mainly driven by a growing population. Meanwhile, the local market is becoming increasingly regulated, adopting various quality standards. The result? Alternative building methods — such as dry construction — are gradually replacing traditional construction.

All of these market conditions mark a major opportunity for local Etex company Marley Building Systems. Once competition authorities have granted clearance on the matter, the company will acquire Lafarge Gypsum South Africa. The aim is to create a unique offering that not only taps into changing demands in South Africa, but that will cover the rest of the southern African market as well. Discover its full potential in the infographic below.

Download the infographic here (pdf, 2,65MB)

Why South Africa is a region of great potential

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