Our Innovation


Our top priority

Innovation is a top priority at Etex

Innovation is a core ingredient of profitable growth, operational performance and human engagement. By collaborating closely with customers to align our innovation strategy with their needs, we drive success – for Etex, for our customers, for our communities and for our industry.


An integrated, global network of future-focused building technology expertsfuture-focused

Situated in three different locations, our Innovation & Technology Centres set new standards in performance on our quest for excellence in:


Fibre cement and paints


Passive fire protection and high-performance insulation


Gypsum products



Customer needs

Relentless focus on customer needs

Our story is underlined by technical ingenuity and cutting-edge engineering. In recent years, we have dedicated ourselves more and more to increasing the customer and market intimacy of our Innovation & Technology Centres.

Driven by 7 megatrends – urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity, technological disruption, housing shortage, aging infrastructure, changing regulations and skill gap – our local businesses contribute to our global innovation pipeline and business plan with specific market insights and expertise. The result: well-designed, well-targeted building solutions that overcome our customers’ challenges.






Innovation is the bedrock of our activities

We ensure that innovation is embedded in critical internal processes, where it can support our ambitions.

Our divisional marketing teams collaborate closely with our Innovation & Technology Centres, accelerating time to market.

Our Intellectual Property Service Centre works tirelessly to protect our patents and foster the development of new innovations.

Our intranet is designed for smooth, rich collaboration and easy sharing of best practices, empowering colleagues to co-create regardless of physical location.



Digitisation as a strategic priority

Digital is the key to maximising our business potential and bringing value to customers and partners ever more efficiently. Etex follows a unified strategy supported by high-impact digital projects implemented by a cross-divisional task force.

  • Building Information Management (BIM) boosts productivity and planning.

  • Master data drives global governance and ownership of data and processes.

  • CRM optimisation unlocks a new era of digital customer interaction and support.

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