Providing shelter in Colombia

For over 40 years, Selavip — an international NGO — has been funding housing projects for poor families in towns and cities in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In 2013, the organisation worked with local NGO Servivienda to improve the roofing of several shelters in Bogotá, the largest city and capital of Colombia. The cause was also supported by local Etex company Skinco Colombit.

Casas Santa Lucia
Two women in the streets of Bogotá Casas Santa Lucia
Two women in the streets of Bogotá Casas Selavip
Two women in the streets of Bogotá

Throughout 2013, Skinco Colombit provided materials with a total value of 60,000 dollar for the roofing of 182 shelters. Even though this is only a drop in the ocean in this city of almost 9 million people, the project did make a huge difference for no fewer than 908 residents in the suburbs of Bogotá.

Skinco team Skinco team Picture with Skinco team

The Skinco team also actively supported Servivienda — the local NGO in charge of the whole project. They assisted the organisation in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the construction works.

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